Safeguarding Information for Parents

At Ashton Hayes Primary School, we take the safeguarding of our pupils very seriously. We have key policies to help keep our pupils safe when in school and we welcome parents to read and comment on these documents. Each term, the Headteacher meets with the Safeguarding Link Governor and the Health and Safety Link Governor to monitor that everything is in place to ensure the safety of our whole school community.

Please take the time to look at the pages related to safeguarding our pupils. The On-line safety page gives advice and support on how they can keep their children safe on line at home. The anti bullying page gives web links on advice and support for supporting children who feel they are being bulliedIf you have any concerns about a child then you can find information on who to contact by following this link. Remember, your call could mean the start of getting the right help to a family: Report a concern about a child

The website below gives information to parents on the integrated support the local authority can offer to young people and families who are in need.

Click here: Integrated Early Support Services

Deciding if your child is ready to be left home alone can be a tricky decision. The age at which this is done depends on a number of factors including your child's level of maturity. Remember, babies and young children should never be left alone, even for a short time. 

The NSPCC has some useful advice for parents:

It's something every parent experiences. The day that their child starts asking if they can go out on their own or with friends. It's just a natural part of their growing independence and, like every part of growing up, it can be a challenging hurdle for a parent to overcome. 

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