PE at Ashton Hayes

Physical Education


At Ashton Hayes Primary School PE is designed to develop children’s confidence, physical skills, potential and their leadership abilities. We believe that physical activity plays a vital role in developing a child’s physical and emotional well-being and it is an essential part of providing care for the whole child.  Our curriculum has been built to be progressive, specifically designed to develop skills across a range of sports and activities, and allowing children to select and apply skills and tactics in those different areas.

We aim to provide a wide range of activities to cater for all tastes and abilities to better further these aims. Children at Ashton are offered, within lessons, access to tag rugby, football, hockey, netball, handball, dodgeball, rounders, athletics, gymnastics, dance, cross-country and tennis, throughout the year. Alongside our drive for inclusion we seek to offer additional support for children demonstrating exceptional ability in any particular sport and to encourage this through coaching and through the opportunity to proudly represent our school. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for children to pursue sports and physical activities through affiliated after-school and lunch time clubs to once again encourage and enthuse children to take part in sport.

We promote a positive attitude towards sports, games and exercise, a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and an enjoyment of life through physical activity.  

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