Sparrowhawk 2020 - 2021

Miss Carter


Welcome to Sparrowhawk Class

Class Teacher: Miss Carter

& Miss Binns (Mon am, Tue am & Wed am)


Year 1

We are so excited to be welcoming back all of our children after such unprecedented changes this year. We are aware that every child has had a very different experience within this time and we endeavour to provide a nurturing learning environment, equipped to support every stage of development and promote good mental health. Transition is so important within the Autumn Term, to ensure both EYFS opportunities are still provided as well as introducing new challenges in line with the Year 1 National Curriculum.


Our Topics

Autumn 2020: Change

This term we are exploring Change. We started our topics by first talking about changes within school before expanding to discuss how we have also noticed that some things have changed in our country this year too, like people wearing masks in the supermarkets. We talked about how change can sometimes make us feel different emotions. The children explored the idea of positive and negative changes. We used the book 'Window' by Jeannie Baker to investigate how a landscape can also change over time. The children enjoyed carefully examining each window to look for clues as to how things can change, both in nature and manmade developments. We are currently reading 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. The children have enjoyed his explanations of how our planet Earth works. The children spotted some changes too, like how day changes into night. Having 'change' as a focus has given the children a platform to discuss all of the changes they have noticed and how they currently feel about the differences. As we venture further into our topic we will also be learning about climate change.


Spring 2021: A Land Far, Far Away

In Spring, we started our topic, 'In a land far, far away'. First we looked at fairytale settings and created our own fairytale maps. Venturing further into settings of our traditional tales, we explored Castles. The Sparrowhawks even designed and created their own castle and flag designs. After enjoying fictional lands of far far away, we then started looking at lands in our world that are far, far away from us. Our first area to inestigate was Antarctica. The Sparrowhawks really enjoyed researching the lifestyle of people who live there. We learnt that they have to eat lots of calories to stay warm! In contrast, we then journeyed to Nigeria to learn about what it's like in a land far, far away with a hot climate. After comparing the climate of these places, the children focussed on learning about different types of settlements, learning about the megacity, Tokyo. Finally, we ended our journey in the Amazon Rainforest, learning about animals homes, habitats! We plotted all of our destinations on a world map to compare their distances from us. We made lots of comparisons between our lands far, far away and learnt a lot about our world.


Summer 2021: Wonders of the World

Next term, we will be beginning our new topic, 'Wonders of the World'.

Watch this space :)



Home Learning

All home learning information, resources and Zoom links are available through your School Spider log-in.

A huge thank you to our families for supporting the home school partnership throughout lockdown, engaging with daily Zooms and challenges.

We so appreciate all of your endeavours, especially in this challenging time!


Our Learning Journey

Please follow our amazing learning journey on 'Ashton Hayes Primary School' official Facebook page, specifically the album 'Sparrowhawks 2020-21'


Governor support

A huge thank you to the lovely Mrs Lowry for kindly volunteering hours of her time every week, to organise the new reading books for our children.

We really appreciate it!

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