Buzzard 2016 - 2017

Mr May

Mrs Fraser

Miss Binns

Our teacher is Mr. May and our teaching assistants are Mrs. Fraser and Miss. Binns.

We are a hard-working, friendly class where we consistently try our best and constantly look for ways to improve our work. We love a challenge (particularly in maths) and thoroughly enjoy working together to complete lesson objectives and accomplish challenging tasks.

In English, we have been creating our own superheroes. We’ve used descriptive language to describe our superheroes and used ICT to create our own factfiles. Next, we’ll be creating our own superhero stories and then writing some powerful persuasive letters to stop the persecution of mutants.

In Maths, we are working hard to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are also constantly practising our mental arithmetic methods to ensure we can tackle maths problems we are given quickly and confidently. We are looking forward to our maths mini Olympics and our maths party!

Have a look at the photos of our incredible artwork. In the first few weeks, we looked at what makes a good classmate. We listed all the qualities and then did pencil drawings of our elbow partners, using shading and different pencil strokes to create tone.

Our topic for the term will be all about Tudor Chester. We will look at how Chester has changed as a city and look at all the fun, and sometimes gruesome, facts relating to the Tudors.

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Leavers Service & BBQ, by Mrs Taylor

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