Buzzard 2017 - 2018

Mr Campbell

Buzzard class 2017 - 2018

Mr Campbell

Mrs Holloway

Miss Binns

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Class Teacher: Mr Campbell



Buzzard class is a mixed age group of 35 fabulous children from years 5 and 6. Both year groups will be taught in accordance to the National Curriculum key objectives for their age. We strive to ensure that the children enjoy a rich curriculum that is not only topic based but holistic and personal to them.


Our Topic

The Mythical Maya

Last term we are explored the ancient civilisation of the Maya empire. As always, we began our topic with a ‘what do we know?’ grid (which turned out to be very little!) and built on the questions that we wanted to explore. Together, we built a timeline to show which period in history the Maya civilisation fell into whilst also looking at what was going on in Britain at the same time. In addition, we discussed the reasons as to why they empire spread across large parts of Central America and also located the main temples on a map using our atlas skills. Finally, we created a non-chronological report about the daily life of the Maya people and designed/sculpted our own Maya death masks out of paper mache. To support our learning, we used: journals, books, Youtube clips, maps, atlases and the internet. We learnt that it is vitally important to be vigilant with our research as the Maya civilisation originated so long ago that there was actually very little reliable evidence to work with.


What is the price of success?

This term we will be using Ancient Greece as our topic driver but taking it down a slightly unconventional route. We will still be studying the delight that is Greek cuisine and putting on our archaeological hats to dust off some of the key artefacts found in this wonderful part of the world, but we will also be looking at how Greece paved the way for the pinnacle of sporting achievement – the Olympic Games. Using the Olympics as a key focus, we will then look at the sacrifices that our sporting heroes of today make and thinking morally about the implications of cheating and performance enhancing drugs.

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