National Teddy Bear Day

Great to see some new members of school in today! #NationalTeddyBearDay

Below is a wonderful example of poetry to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day.


If I were a teddy bear for the day…

If I were a teddy bear for the day,

I would have a teddy bear picnic in golden hay.

Just me and my owner would lie on the ground,

And when we got bored we’d dance around.

And when my owner went away,

Me and the other teddies would sing and play.

Then we’d swing on vines in the jungle so deep,

And ride on cheetahs whilst watching them leap.

And when it was my party on that very special day,

I blow out the candles and cry hip, hip hooray.

Then when she taught me my left and right,

We snuggle up together and say goodnight!

By Emily (Y4)