Week commencing June 15th

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 8:51am

Good Morning and welcome to another week of home learning. This week I will continue to add daily activities to the blog, however as we prepare for our wider reopening, next week will be slightly different. Instead, at the start of the week, I will add a number of activities and suggestions to be be spread over the week to fit around your own individual circumstances. 

However please keep emailing me and updating me on how your child is doing - we love hearing all the news and seeing the amazing activities they have been doing... kestrelhomelearning@ashtonhayes.cheshire.sch.uk


Monday 15th June 

I hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend - and what a spectacular storm on Saturday night!

We are learning to read two syllable words.

Say the words; helpdesk, lunchbox, handbag windmill, treetop, starlight.

encouraging your child to clap on each syllable.

Write each of the words with a / between each syllable. Encourage your child to read each part of the word in turn, then put together without the /

Play Make a Match on phonicplay.

Read the sentence ‘I stuck a little windmill in this sandpit.’ And draw a picture of what you have read.

White Rose week 8

Princess Mirror Belle

Length, Height and distance. In this area, using the correct language is really important.

Ask your child to draw around and cut out the shape of their foot. Then take the template on a length hunt, finding things that are longer or shorter or about the same size as their foot.

This link takes you to an extened mix of Disney songs from the movies. I thought this might be fun to sing along to or enjoy having a really good dance to!


Practice letters you find tricky

Remember the correct formation

Can you make your letters sit on a line (some have tails that go under a line)

Can you create a Shop or café - add any labels, prices, menus etc you will need  - have you got some coins you can use - remember to have a good conversation with your customers, asking how you can help them etc!

Have a fun day 

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 16th June

Can you watch ‘Dogs don’t do ballet’ on cbeebies?


Is it fair that the dog isn’t allowed to do ballet?

How do you think he feels?

How did the girl feel when her dog joined in with the ballet?

Can you make a card or write a message to the dog to cheer him up or perhaps tell him you are proud of him or say well done?

White Rose week 8

Can you collect lots of different stick and order them in size. Which is longest / shortest. Perhaps you could use the foot template from yesterday and sort the sticks dependant upon longer, shorter or about the same size as your foot.

Can you join in with Boogie beebies and have lots of fun practicing your Dance moves?


Can you make up or play any games using your ball skills you learnt last week?

Using any type of building or construction - eg empty boxes, blocks, lego etc can you create a fantastic model? Think about what it is made for? is it big enough? is it strong enough? are there any parts to make even better?

Have a fun Tuesday and keep sending the emails

Mrs Cuthbert

Wednesday 17th June 

Good morning and Happy Wednesday

Using the techniques learnt previously, please practice the tricky words;

Were, there, little, one

White Rose week 8 lesson 3 

Can you use play dough to make and investigate snakes? Can you make a long, short, thick, thin snake? Have you got some lego or other blocks that you could use to measure your snake? How many blocks long is it?

Collect some leaves, stones, petals etc from the garden and see what patterns and pictures you can make

Have a look at the Sock Olympic challenge on the home learning section of the school website and choose a move to practice

Using any 'small world' toys you have at home can you create an amazing world? think about what details you need to make it even better - eg fences, gates, ponds, fields, barns etc if it is a farm. Perhaps you have a story book that you could use for some ideas?

Hope to see as many of you as possible on Zoom

Mrs Cuthbert

Thursday 18th June

Can you look at a Non fiction book – if you don’t have any, take a look at Oxford owls ebooks and filter ‘non fiction’

What can you find out in the book, can you find the contents / glossary page? What do these parts of the book tell you?

Can you make own non fiction book to contain lots of information about something that you find interesting?

Perhaps you might get an idea from the task about wild animals below?

White Rose week 8

Distance - Choose some objects – fixed or moveable, inside or out. And talk about how far away they are- which is nearest? Furthest? Can you measure how many strides or footsteps it takes to reach the object?

Can you choose an animal to watch on Andy’s safari adventures’ once you have found out about that animal, perhaps you could make an information book, or a picture, or maybe find some more information on kiddle?


We have enjoyed baking cakes and other goodies in our house recently - can you have a go at some baking - maybe try one of the recipes shared previously, or perhaps a family favourite? perhaps find a new recipe in a cookery book.

Have fun and enjoy!

Mrs Cuthbert

Friday 19th June

Can you listen to some Poetry? There are some on the attached weblink or you may have a poetry book at home.

I’d like you to become your very own poet!

First of all you need something exciting for your poem to be about – eg cake, under the sea, in the garden, etc etc – often it’s easier if you can experience it first hand. Then you need to think of a really short sentence that we are going to repeat – eg ‘in the forest’ or ‘we love cake’

Then you need to collect lots of words that describe your ‘subject’ matter eg if the forest I might use; rustling leaves, winding paths, tall trees, animal 

holes, squelchy mud, animal holes etc

Then you are going to put your words together – 2 or 3 at a time and alternate with your repeating sentences

So, my poem might be

In the Forest

Brown rustling leaves

In the forest

Winding wiggly paths

In the forest

Squelchy sticky mud

In the forest

Dark round animal holes

In the forest


Your poem can be as long as you like…

Good luck and email them to me – I would love to see them!




White Rose week 8

Go around your home or garden. Can you find things that are taller / shorter / about the same height as yourself?

Can you watch Mister maker https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000k4wd/mister-maker-at-home-series-1-1-dodge– can you have a go at making a portrait of yourself from things around your home?

Make up a family clue hunt - perhaps in the garden, can you make up clues that lead someone in your family on a trail – (a bit like What the Ladybird Heard) Eg under the washing line, round the table, past the roses etc

Have a Lovely Weekend 

Mrs Cuthbert