Tuesday 5th May

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 8:32am

Good morning team!!

I had a really good catch up on your scrapbooks again yesterday. There really is SO much fantastic home learning going on. Your mini eco projects were just fantastic!!! There was an old tshirt recycled and made into a face mask, beautiful plastic milk bottle birds can now be seen outside some of your houses and I've also realised we have some BRILLIANT presenting skills! 

It seemed like a few of you found last week's English tricky to begin with, having to really dig deep into your imagination and create an entire character from a door!!! But it was so lovely that every one of those comments was followed with a story of success and lots of pride in your work. So well done you lot! It really can be so tricky to let our imagination run free, but when it does, gosh is it exciting!

It also appears you all enjoyed the PE and Maths challenges I sent out. So because of that...next week's theme will be a sporty one and I have a feeling you're going to love your next mini project!

Right, onto today's suggested tasks:

1. Reading: Storymaps

2. Writing: Narrative writing (twisted fairytales)

3. MyMaths: A new task will be ready and waiting

Finally, did many of you get round to building a reading den yesterday? I've decided I want to make an adult one for me, with fairy lights and LOTS of cushions. So I might just do that...

Have a great Tuesday!!! Missing you all lots and cannot wait for our zoom catch up on Thursday!!

Miss Fray


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