New year, new start, new systems.

Date: 14th Sep 2017 @ 2:37pm

Over a week in to the new school year and a number of changes and new innovations are underway. Mr Campbell is settled in to his Y5/6 role and Miss Davison has immersed herself into life at Ashton Hayes and in Peregrine Class. Also, we received our Green Tree School Gold Award plaque from the Woodland Trust, which can be seen on the wall in the main corridor, outside the school office.

On Tuesday of this week I met with members of the Education Autism Service and other SENDCOs from the local area.  Ashton Hayes Primary School is now recognised as an Autism Inclusive School, which is great news (see the attached certificate).  Part of the work we have done was around one-page profiles.  Initially for children with specific difficulties, we opened this up to all pupils over the summer holidays, to complete with their parents and send back in to school.  These will be updated and developed as they progress through school.  Please send in any completed profiles if you haven’t already done so.

Yesterday we welcomed Ruth Rose, from Little Gymnasts, to teach children from Y1 onwards gymnastics for the next seven weeks. The feedback from children was universally positive, with Y5/6 saying that it was 'reeeeaaallly good!"

Yesterday also saw us embark on the first stage of our move to a new behaviour policy, Conscious Discipline.  We discussed the main behaviour management challenges we face and our hopes and concerns going forward.  This was very positive although we recognise how different the policy is.  The session outlined how we can utilise the correct part of our brains for specific situations and how children cannot solve a problem when in their brain stem (the unconscious part of their brain – fight or flight). The traditional approach to behaviour management can seem like discipline by fear - fear of punishment, fear of loss of love, fear of failure, fear of abandonment. Fear puts children in a state of stress. Fear tends to focus on what you don’t want.  Conscious Discipline teaches us to recognise and respond.  Where is the child at?  Where are you at? It helps children to reason, to problem solve and helps them to calm until they can reach a state where they can reason and problem solve.

Today we are teaching our children to respond not react.  This week, we are creating a safe place in every classroom for children to go to if they need to compose themselves. 

I have attached a draft copy of the new Behaviour Policy to this Blog – this will be ratified in the next Full Governing Body Meeting.  Also attached is the new Anti-Bullying Policy.  Parent Workshops for Conscious Discipline will be after half-term.

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