Monday 28th June 2020

Date: 28th Jun 2020 @ 8:38pm


Hello wonderful humans!!!

How was your week? Those of you who are still being awesome and getting on with your home learning at home...we miss you SO much!! Never did any of us think that home learning would STILL be a thing at the end of June...but here we are...still going strong! I know I have said this a million times but I will continue to remind you how very proud we are of you. The independence, resilience and downright awesomeness that you have shown and continue to show is just amazing. And we cannot thank you enough for that!

I hope everypne had a lovely weekend. Even though it has been a bit rainy I'm VERY pleased that it has cooled down a little. I had to sleep downstairs last week because I thought I might actually melt!! Also, the rain had brought me much happiness for another reason. MY STRAWBERRY PLANT HAS ACTUAL REAL LIFE STRAWBERRIES! This might not seem very exciting if you have food plants at home...but this is my first and to be honest, I'm a little bit rubbish when it comes to gardening or keeping plants alive, so this is a very big deal to me. Please be proud!

I really hope you enjoyed the work last week. Thank you to those of you who have sent bits in and have uploaded to the scrapbooks. We are still checking and responding to emails, just forgive us if we don't get back to you straight away because of being in school. 

As I said last week, I have given you two weeks worth of English so continue with that work please. Also, make sure that you are actually entering the sock olympics when you are completing and comentating your challenge. It really is SO much fun!! Your Maths links are below, as well as your second week of science work (there are quite a few activities this week so you should have lots to keep you busy). Miss Davison has also been kind enough to send some artwork that she suggested to her class. Have a look and have a go....I might even try one when I finish work on Wednesday.

Finally...I am sure lots of you know that theatre is one of the businesses that is really struggling at the moment because they are not allow to open or have performances taking place due to social distancing. The Story House in Chester has started a new campaign to try and keep its beautiful theatre open. There are lots of things that you or your family can do to help as well as LOADS of lovely activities and online sessions that you can take part in too. Have a look!

Have a wonderful week team and remember that you can get in touch whenever you like!! We are still here!! ANd if not...we will hopefully see lots of your smiley faces on our zoom session on Wednesday!

Keep being the brilliant humans that you are!

Miss Fray

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