Monday 22nd June

Date: 21st Jun 2020 @ 4:45pm

Hello Brilliant Buzzards!

This feels very strange to be setting the blog at 4.30 on a Sunday afternoon, but myself and Mr Morris are back to school tomorrow with most of Year 6, so I have a feeling it's going to be a very busy morning! We are very excited to get back into the classroom, but we wish ALL of your faces were going to be there too!! So very much!! But we will still be thinking about you lots! And whilst we might not be as quick to reply on emails, please make sure you remember that everone at school is still here and cares so much about you and your home learning journey!!!

Because we are now going to be teaching all day in school, we have decided that it makes more sense to set your work at the start of the week for the whole week. It seemed to work well with last week's home learning and it means that you can plan out your week and work at your own pace. So therefore, I have attached your English work, your Maths work and some exciting Science work at the bottom of this blog. Your English work is actually for the next TWO WEEKS (it's a super fun writing activity and I can't WAIT to see and hear the final outcomes). 

I have also been meaning to send you the link to a really awesome page for a while, but I keep forgetting (nothing new there hey). A very good friend of mine set up 'Chester Wizard School' a couple of years ago and it's become so successful. Over lockdown, he has been setting challenges to do at home. There are videos to watch and the activities range from writing to drawing to 3D making! They're SO much fun and not just for the Harry Potter fans amongst us. It is a facebook link and of course you are currently too young to have a facebook account, however, I have checked and it doesn't look like you need to have an account to watch the videos: Have a look and let me know what you think!

I really do hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and had more birthday celebrations for Frankie (he is certainly dragging this whole birthday thing out for as long as he possibly can)! I have attached a photo to the bottom of one of his favourite birthday presents from his Uncle Josh (Lachlan...we may have another race car enthusiast on our hands)

As always, we can't wait to see what you have been getting up to and we really hope you know how very missed each and every one of you are!!!

Miss Fray

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