Gardening - weevils!

Date: 8th Mar 2019 @ 3:12pm

Today, Friday 8th March, we researched about weevils. We found out a few facts that were interesting and that we didn’t know such as that they live in soil and leaves. They also find places to rest when they turn into moths. Some of the different type of weevils you can find are Boll, Wheat, Rice, Bean, Vine and when they get older they turn into moths and lay eggs.  There are also another 60,000 types of weevils. Weevils eat corn, nuts, cereals, seeds, rice, plants, beans and wheat. The few things that eat weevils are fire ants, birds, insects and spiders.   We’ve researched these for our future gardening project; wait and see what we have planned for you.  
James M & Ben C