Autumn Term

Our topic for the autumn term is 'The Kingdom of Benin'. We will study chronology and look at when this ancient African kingdom existed compared with other key historical time periods. We will be delving into the secrets of this mysterious kingdom and using historical sources to discover what life was like for the people who lived there. We will also be creating Benin inspired artwork based on the 'Benin bronzes' and trying our hand at some good old-fashioned bartering at our very own Benin inspired trade market.

Spring Term

This term, our topic is ‘Conservation’. We will be exploring environmental issues around the world such as melting icecaps, deforestation, urbanisation and pollution. We will also be learning about how we can help to protect the world that we live in by making positive changes, reducing our carbon footprint, reducing the amount of single use plastic that we use and recycling our waste. We will also be considering the role of charities, sponsorships and using our voices can help to make positive changes!

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