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Autumn Term

Our topic for the autumn term is 'Living in the Wild'. As well as spending plenty of time outdoors and enjoying forest school, we plan to bring a little bit of the wilderness into our classroom. Our history focus will be all about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will be asking ourselves 'how did people move from living wild to early civilisation? In Geography, we will be looking at land use and types of settlements. We will look at early settlements (Stone Age to Iron Age) and why people chose to settle where they did. We will compare these to modern villages, towns and cities, looking at both human and physical features. The artists in us will also be exploring the wonders of the wilderness and we will produce cave paintings as part of our Stone Age study. We will also be creating outdoor art, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and our English text ‘Wild’, using those lovely Autumn leaves! As well as this, we have some exciting plans for Design Technology! We will be exploring the power of air and using pneumatics to create moving megafauna (those huge animals from the Stone Age!)

Spring Term

Our topic for the Spring Term is 'On Stranger Lands' and is all about adventures, journeys and voyages. In Geography, we will be aiming to improve our understanding of where the world's continents, oceans and countries are in relation to one another. We will be using atlases and digital maps to name and locate the continents, the oceans and some of the countries in Europe. We will also be exploring simple OS maps, learning about map symbols and grid references, before having a go at creating our own maps!

In History, we will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and how they found themselves on stranger lands when they travelled overseas to settle in Britain. We will begin by exploring where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings fit in to the timeline of Britain, before finding out where they came from, where they settled in Britain and what impact they had on Britain today. For example, will learn all about the impact that the Anglo-Saxons had on many place names that we see in Britain today. Did you know that endings of place names such as 'wich', 'bury' or 'ton' come from the Anglo-Saxon era and have different meanings? We will also be learning about the Great Orme in Llandudo and the legend of how it got its name during the Viking times.

We will also be creating some 'Stranger Lands' inspired artwork as well as building boats in DT and testing them to see if they float!


Summer Term

Our topic for the Summer Term is 'Angry Earth' and is all about natural disasters. In Geography, we will be aiming to improve our understanding of physical geography. We will be learning about the structure of the Earth, plate tectonics and how/why natural disasters occur. We will be doing lots of fun, hands-on activities to bring these difficult concepts to life, including: building the Earth out of plasticine and slicing it in half, understanding how the plates move on the mantle with biscuits and coloured icing and of course, building our own volcanoes ready to make a mess!

We will also be learning about extreme weather such as hurricanes, tornados, floods and storms. We will put our acting skills to the test and produce our own extreme weather news reports.

We will also be creating some 'Angry Earth' inspired artwork along the way and designing earthqauke proof strcutures in DT!

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