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To support your child, homework menus have been provided to show some simple and helpful tasks your children can practise at home to embed their learning. The children will have a hard copy to bring home with them but should they be misplaced, you can find a link at the bottom of the page to download another copy.  If your child has not understood what they need to do, and you are unsure how best to explain, get them to ask their teacher as soon as possible. The activities can be completed whenever and however. Hopefully the children can become independent in their wanting to learn.


The children will continue to use to embed what we have covered in class. 

Every week, the children will focus on different spelling patterns, taken from the national curriculum spelling appendix. These will be introduced to the children in class on a Friday afternoon  and assessed on the following Friday. Over the week, we will use many different strategies to help us with our spellings during our 'Spelling Roundabout' time. Each child has a spelling book which they may use in whatever way is helpful to them, both in and out of school. Please ensure this book comes to school with them every day. 

In addition, the children will also receive 20 statutory spellings to learn over the course of a number of weeks. These spellings are taken from the year 5/6 statutory spelling list and will be tested randomly. For the children to progress in their writing and meet age related expectations it is vital that they not only learn these spellings but understand their meaning. This ensures that the children will feel confident in using the words independently and embed them in their writing.

I have attached both the weekly spelling patterns (please note that these are only selections of words with this spelling pattern - there are many more that can be found with your children) and the statutory year 5/6 spellings below should you wish to browse them.


The children will continue to embed what they have learnt at home through weekly MyMaths homework challenges that will be set on a Friday and expected by the following Friday. Times tables continue to be a key focus of ours and the children will be tested against their weekly tables targets on a Thursday during our Mad Minute!


Most importantly, make sure your child is reading. As much as they can! Listen to them regularly if possible and discuss the meaning of the text. Talk about why a character has acted in a particular way. Do they like the book? Why or why not? Talk about what you are reading as well. Read from a wide range of genres. To develop speaking and listening skills, encourage your child to explain things to you as clearly as possible. Question their explanation. For the performers amongst our class, ask them to perform a page of their book. These skills, along with  just reading, will developing your child's confidence as an effective communicator. 


SATS revision

Below you will find a selection of useful websites that will help your child with SATS revision.  For many of the sites you will need an up-to-date Flash player.

  • SpellingsUseful website to support with spelling.

  • CGPBooks, interactive activities and more.

  • IXLMathematics and Grammar.

  • MyMathsMathematics, all areas including maths boosters and arithmetic test

Please never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like any other ideas to support your child. I will help in whatever way I can.

Thank you,

Miss Fray

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