Mathematical Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning

Much of our work is supported by the work of Gareth Metcalfe, I See Maths. This mathematical approach helps children to understand maths and experience it's richness. Resources and training make learning visual and deep, helping children to build conceptual understanding through carefully designed instruction. This approach promotes a range of ideas for deepening children's mathematical understanding, applying skills with great flexibility.

Further free resources are available on the I see Maths website, linked by clicking the picture below.

Our videos below show mathematical reasoning sessions being taught within the school.  Also available below is our policy on the teaching of mathematics, from mathematical fluency to problem solving and reasoning.


Mathematical Language in Reception

Reception children investigating how to balance blocks in order to make a tower higher.

Year 1

Year 1 children reasoning with numbers

At Ashton Hayes the children use a series of books called "Talk it, Solve it."  The children think and talk about numbers and shape, while honing their logical reasoning.

Year 2 - Odd One Out

Year 2 are reasoning with three number and suggesting why one of those numbers could be the "Odd One Out."

Year 3/4

Year 4 children - Talk it, Solve It and Ask it, Solve It

By Year 3 and 4, children are increasingly independent when using "Talk it, Solve It."  The children lead the sessions themselves and are supported by the teacher.

Year 5 and 6 - What's my rule?

This group of Year 6 children are trying to work out the mathematical rule that one child has made up.  This is done in the context of having a party.