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Mathematical Reasoning Videos

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Mathematical Language in Reception

Reception children investigating how to balance blocks in order to make a tower higher.

Year 1

Year 1 children reasoning with numbers

At Ashton Hayes the children use a series of books called "Talk it, Solve it."  The children think and talk about numbers and shape, while honing their logical reasoning.

Year 2 - Odd One Out

Year 2 are reasoning with three number and suggesting why one of those numbers could be the "Odd One Out."

Year 3/4

Year 4 children - Talk it, Solve It and Ask it, Solve It

By Year 3 and 4, children are increasingly independent when using "Talk it, Solve It."  The children lead the sessions themselves and are supported by the teacher.

Year 5 and 6 - What's my rule?

This group of Year 6 children are trying to work out the mathematical rule that one child has made up.  This is done in the context of having a party.