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Autumn Term

This term in English we are going to be looking at all things wild, linking in to our Topic. We are going to begin by exploring the picture book 'Wild' by Emily Hughes. It is a story about a young girl who lives in the wilderness and has learnt how to live from the animals around her. She is discovered by a couple and taken to their home where she struggles to adapt to life as we know it. We will be using the wonderful, vivid illustrations in the text to inspire our descriptive writing. We will also use the images to infer and track the main character's thoughts and feelings throughout the story in order to help us to write a convincing diary entry/ entries from her point of view. 

We will also be using a Literacy Shed video called 'Ride of Passage', a lovely clip about a child sent into the jungle to retrieve the head of the largest animal he can find, only he ends up befriending the animals instead. We will use this clip to practise planning and writing a structured story from beginning to end.

After half term, we will be looking at 'Stone Age Boy', alongside a range of non-fiction texts to help us to write a non-chronological report about the Stone Age. By this point, we will be full of fun facts from our history lessons which we can include.

Finally, as we're winding down for Christmas, we will be producing some Christmas themed poetry based on Roger McGough's 'Sound Collector'

Spring Term

This term in English we are going to be looking at journeys and voyages, linking in to our topic 'On Stranger Lands'. We are going to begin by exploring the picture book 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. This is a story about two children who climb into their neighbour Mrs Tredegar's garden to find a ship made out of bushes and trees. Along with Mrs Tredegar, the children pretend to sail the ship and imagine all the places that they could visit like Italy and the Arctic. We will be writing a full story opening based on this book to consolidate our learning from last term about settings and character descriptions.

We will also use this text to have a go at writing postcards in the present perfect tense before using internet research to write and publish information leaflets about a chosen country, linking with our Geography work.

As part of our 'On Stranger Lands' topic, we will be learning about the Vikings arrival in Britain. We will be exploring myths and legends and we will be retelling the legend of how the Great Orme in Llandudno got its name during the Viking times.



Summer Term

This term in English we are going to be looking at stories which link to our topic 'Angry Earth'. We are going to begin by exploring the book 'When the Giant Stirred' by Celia Godkin. This is a story about islanders who have to leave their home because the mountain god (the island volcano) is angry and cannot be appeased with offerings. The story however is not a story of disaster. It ends as it starts, showing how the beauty of the island can be restored even after a volcanic eruption. With the help of some clips form Moana along the way, we will complete a range of short pieces of writing to pracitse our skills before writing our own version of the story from the persepctive of the islanders. 

We will then explore a picture book without any words at all called 'Flood' by Alvaro F. Villa. With its simialr 'full circle' style story, we will use the beautiful illustrations in this book to help us to apply all of the skills we have learnt to a more independent peice. 

As part of our Geography work in topic, we will also be writing explanation texts about how and why natural disasters occur. Following this, we will be writing some scripts for news reports on extreme weather which we will perform and record.


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